Package Extras


Coverage of the groom’s house   ₤100

Coverage for one extra hour        ₤100

Wedding Album on your  dvd ( a montage of about 50 still photographs extracted from the main Video footage, set to music and put on the end of your wedding dvd… when editing we can move the film frame by frame usually enabling us to pick out some fantastic expressions on peoples faces, these are the still shots we pull out so that you can have a bit of a giggle at the end of the wedding dvd     £70



This is fast becoming one of our most popular optional extras and is a great way for you and your guests to see the highlights of your wedding day before the actual dvd is put together. On the day we take a third person with us sat editing all day… just before the first dance in the evening we will errect a large screen and show the video highlights of the day so far  to all your guests.

SAME DAY EDIT BENNY HILL STYLE  £270  click to watch sample

Again the same applies as above but also shows an extra couple of minutes of fun shots set to the benny hill theme tune… ( when it all went wrong ). you need to allow us fifteen minutes of your time on the day to enable us to get the extra quirky shots that we need…


Generally our finished dvds are approximately 2hrs in length because we try and include as much as we can so you forget nothing. The option of the shortened edit  allows you to have your full dvd plus an extra shortened version which will generally be about an hour if not less. ( you can either have the shortened edit just set to music or with music in the background )


FULL HD available on all packages ( includes one blu-ray disc )£70

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